Good Morning Hearers!

Please look up these verses – it will help with what I want to share today… 

Romans 12:4-8 – many members in the Body but different offices

I Corinthians 12:24-28 - helps governments

Ephesians 4: 7-16 – the reason for the Church 

Everybody is thrilled and seeking after what I call the Big 5 of Ephesians 4 – but no matter what your calling is, what your job is, what your responsibilities are – YOU ARE NECESSARY AND IMPORTANT. In the Kingdom of God there are no big “I”’s and little “You”’s – only people in this world make that distinction, not God. 

Since we are talking about the “Big 5” – Let me give you some insight as to what I have observed their objective to be: 

Apostolic – you want to see the church established (church is people, not a building)

Prophetic – you want them to hear God

Evangelistic – you want them to meet God

Teacher – you want them to know God

Pastor – you want them to stay with God

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