Good Morning Hearers!

Oftentimes over the years I have said to others that I won’t pray for something for them, but I will agree with them in prayer. It’s not because I don’t want to pray, I am trying to get them to take advantage or utilize what they already have – remember His best is for you to get it by your own faith. So, don’t always be so quick to run and get someone else to pray for you. It may help their faith, but what does it do for yours? 

Trying the word is doubting the word – when the Word tells you that you can do something. Don’t say that you will “try” that – learn to be a doer. James 1:22. Your “trying” it is not exercising faith because you are leaving room for unbelief and doubt to attack your faith. 

When will you be ready to quit doubting and start acting? When will you quit trying the word and start doing the word? Don’t let doubt rob you of God’s best for your life.

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