Good Morning Hearers!


Don’t dwell on your past – you should have the vision of a champion – always looking ahead. The only things that should live in your heart and occupy your mind are the promises of God and the victories He has brought to pass. 

Let me speak to the issue of God giving you direction. That can take on many forms. Sometimes the Lord will give you a word and in carrying out that word it will lead you into what He wants for your life. 

Sometimes the Lord can lay out an entire plan for you and within that plan there will be the unfolding of what he has called you to. 

What you have to be careful of in carrying out His directions and instructions in your life is not to change what He called you to because it “doesn’t seem to be working”. Just because there is opposition in the beginning, it doesn’t mean that the Lord has not called you to what you are doing – it means just that – there is opposition. 

Sometimes the Lord will speak things to you (or their will be a prompting in your heart to do something) and you don’t necessarily like what is involved in the task, so you by-pass that. What you’ve done is give in to your flesh or your schedule or your whatever rather than yielding to the Spirit of God – in doing that you have grieved Him and that will affect your walk.

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