Good Morning Hearers! 

It’s time for us to deal with the sin in our lives – note to self: when you confess it is not the first time God found out about it. It was the time, however, that He was/is able to deal with it. 

1. Admit it      2. Quit it          3. Forget it 

That’s how you should deal with sin. 

I want you to understand this – The father planned out your destiny in Christ and He will walk with you in helping you to fulfill it, but He will not do it for you. 

Where are you in the process? Are you still allowing fear to run rampant in your life or are you taking authority in your life where needed and driving out the force of fear? 

Here is a common lie about fear that keeps many from moving for God: I wouldn’t feel afraid if I were doing what God wanted me to do. So, since I feel fear, the Lord must not be in this. That’s a lie from the enemy to cut you off from the blessings of God in your life. Learn to obey even when you are afraid.

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